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EDIBLE DIRT - There has never been a man named Matt Rosemier. He does not exist. Why, then, is he smiling? He smiles because he does not exist, save to those few who know how to summon him...

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CORDEVAL - If you tell me you can find a woman who works harder in the world of Anime Conventions, I'll spit in your nostril.

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June 16, 2014

Happy birthday to me! Just felt like saying that. ;)

In comics news: BOOK 10 IS OUT! Chock-full of all the last year's goodness, along with the usual annotations and backstory by myself and J. Extras: Intro by Hugo-award-winning, filk-owning, general BAMF Seanan McGuire, as well as a reprint of the first collaboration J and I ever did: Timmy Kat (a children's book that is not safe for children). Grab yours today!

In other news: We will once again be at COMIC-CON SAN DIEGO! Come see us at booth 1230, directly across from TopatoCo, under the Webcomics banner. We will have books, sketches, original art, the last of the Gen2 stuffies, witty repartee, and possibly a new shirt! Come say hi, get a doodle, and laugh at our sleep deprivation!

In other-other news: Merch re-shipment is almost entirely caught up! A couple of duplicates have been reported. If you get one, please just mark it "return to sender" and drop it back in the mail.

ALSO: We've had some inquiries about ordering previous years' books, as they're currently listed on Amazon at astronomical prices. Rest assured, we are working our way back through the archives and reformatting previous years to be available on our new publisher as fast as we can, while still putting out the new volumes and keeping our day jobs. ;) All previous year books WILL be available at regular price soon (hopefully before the end of the year), it's just a time-intensive process and we don't want to break J entirely.


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